How to become an exercise ADDICT


I know the struggle. The struggle is so real.

I know the feeling of feeling hopeless that you will never have a regular exercise routine, constantly feeling like a failure because you can never meet your goals, and feeling like working out is the huge scary monster that is just going to be so hard to tackle.

HOW do other people do it? And make it look so EASY?

It’s easy to feel like it’s unfair…like they have some sort of superhero advantage…that they have more willpower than you do.

The thing is, the person you know who works out on the regular no matter what is NO different than you are.

Everyone has a life, everyone has an endless to-do list, a crazy house to take care of, floors to sweep, jobs to get to, children to tend to…

BUT the real difference between one who works out regularly and one who doesn’t is a matter of CHOICE.
We have are making choices every moment of every day…and they are either getting you closer to your goals, or they’re not.

If you want to tone up, feel more energized, and just feel healthier and happier day to day…eating a danish for breakfast and blaming your kids and husband for your lack of fitness is NOT going to get you to where you want to be, amiright?

So now you might be annoyed reading this, thinking…

“Yeah okay Hanan…but if you knew what I have on my plate….it would be a different story…”


“Yeah but my situation is DIFFERENT…it’s not as EASY as you’re making it sound…”

And you’re right. I don’t know your situation.

But what I do know is that having goals to workout and get “fit” need commitment.
Your workouts need to be made a priority. You need to make a CHOICE to make it a priority.

Make a choice to eat eggs in the morning instead of a danish.
Make a choice to not blame your hectic lifestyle for that extra 15 pounds you’re carrying around.

If you aren’t making it a priority, it’s NOT going to happen, plain and simple.

Life is not going to get any easier or any less busy, let’s be honest here.

So let me ask you this…what EXACTLY are you waiting for???


Every time you are about to do something, I want you to ask yourself:

Is this serving me?

So, if you’re trying to lose 15 pounds and you wake up one morning about to eat a danish for breakfast, stop and ask yourself this question.

Then ask yourself:

What will be serving me?

And find the answer to that question.

To become “addicted” to working out, it takes time and patience. You need to build the habit of working out, and slowly, over time, it will start to be something you enjoy and something that is apart of your daily routine.

Here are my top 5 rules to build the habit of working out:

1) The early bird gets fit.

The morning is by far the BEST time to workout because life is 99.9% less likely to get in the way. You’re less likely to be thrown a curveball that changes the course of your day before everyone wakes up, amiright?

2) Start small.

When you are first building the habit of working out, it honestly DOES NOT matter what you do for your workouts. Do whatever you like. Go for a run, a hike, a swim, lift some weights…whatever is your jam. And if you don’t have a “jam,” try out different things until you find what you like.
The reason I say it doesn’t matter what you do in the beginning is because a) any movement is better than no movement and b) we are building the habit of consistent exercise.
Once the habit it formed, we can focus on the “what” aspect of the workout.

3) Hold yourself accountable.

Find a friend to workout with, to keep you accountable. Hire a personal trainer. Get your husband to keep you on track by checking in with you every day. Having accountability is a great way to keep you motivated and focused.

4) Be adaptable.

Perfection kills progress. I need you to take imperfect action. If you’re plans to go to the gym and workout get ruined, do a bodyweight workout at home. If your plan to go hiking and it rains, do an indoor workout and walk on the treadmill instead.
I need you to crush the idea that your workouts have to be “perfect.” Make a commitment to incorporate movement into your life no matter what the circumstances. Get creative!

5) Focus on ONE thing at a time.

I know you want to start exercising, eating better, waking up earlier, quit eating sugar, and the list goes on…
The thing is, we don’t have enough willpower to develop ALL those habits at once.
We can get there eventually, but one step at a time.
Pick ONE thing you want to change, and commit to working on it daily until it becomes second nature.

So ladies! I don’t want to just leave you hanging after giving you all that information. I want to give you an ACTION PLAN.

Action plan for becoming an exercise ADDICT:

1) Pick one exercise that you want to start doing, whether that’s squats, lunges, pushups, jumping jacks, etc.
2) Commit to doing FIVE repetitions a day. (so if you chose jumping jacks, I want you to do 5 jumping jacks a day)
3) Do your exercise in the morning as soon as you wake up (well…post coffee obviously…).
4) Do 5 reps of 1 exercise for 30 days straight.
5) Tell one other person who can hold you accountable, and get them to check in with you every day.

If you’re thinking, “Hanan…OBVIOUSLY I can do 5 reps a day. That’s way too easy!”
That was my intention. To develop the habit of working out, we need to start very small. Don’t worry…it won’t be this easy forever ;).

I’m SO excited you are taking *imperfect* action and starting your fitness journey with me.

Let me know what exercise you choose and keep me updated on your progress by tagging me on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you have more questions, contact me at

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