My Pregnancy Story

I got pregnant in February 2016. I remember how excited I was. I couldn’t believe I was pregnant. I was awaiting a whole new chapter in my life.

Was I ready for it?

It didn’t matter. I don’t think anyone can really be “ready” for life with a baby.

The fatigue, the pain, the laughter, the craziness, the hormonal ups and downs…

What an insaneee journey.

I remember my first trimester. I was nauseous ALL the time. I went from eating a healthy, balanced diet to eating oranges and corn tortillas…gross right?!?

Water made me nauseous.

Chicken made me gag.

If you even said the words “onion” or “garlic” I would kick you out of my apartment.

I couldn’t even stand the smell or taste of coffee. COFFEE, YOU GUYS. Coffee was the highlight of my mornings. Life is just not as fun without coffee, let’s be real.

I could barely move because I was so nauseous.

I remember waking up for Fajr prayer and wondering how I was going to get through the movements without getting sick. Almost every morning after my prayer, I would literally fall on my side, in my prayer clothes, and just lay there unable to force myself to get back up (lol).


THANK GOODNESS I made it past the first trimester. I remember thinking,

“HOLY CRAP, WHY do people get pregnant multiple times?!?!?”

Then, later into my second trimester, I started thinking to myself, “Meh, the first trimester wasn’t THAT bad. I could totally do it again…”

I was tired all the time, which is normal, I mean…I was growing a tiny human inside of me.

I continued to workout throughout my pregnancy. It made me feel good even though I was tired, and gave me more energy throughout my days.

I did lift lighter weights than normal, but because I stayed consistent, I was able to pick up my workout routine a lot quicker postpartum.

As my due date was approaching I got more and more excited.

I couldn’t WAIT to meet my little one.

I was actually looking forward to labor…I was interested to see just how hard it would be. (I’m 100% a masochist, you guys).

My due date was November 26th, 2016.

I thought, maybe since I was working out so much, I would go into labor early. I was secretly hoping I would.

38 weeks passed, nada.

39 weeks, still nada.

Then as 40 weeks was approaching, I tried everything to go into labor.

I was seriously afraid of being induced, and I was trying to avoid it at all costs.

I got an induction massage, did acupuncture, got a membrane sweep, went for walks, worked out, bounced on my yoga ball, ate pineapple, you name it I did it…

I stopped working out once I hit 40 weeks. I thought I might as well try and conserve as much energy as possible for labor. More than a week went by that I didn’t workout…just waiting to go into labor. So one night I said screw it, grabbed a couple kettlebells, and did an interval workout of squats and kettlebell swings. The next morning, at 41 weeks and 3 days I went into labor. It felt like an ETERNITY waiting for that day.

Labor was fairly quick and easy, alhamdulillah. I went into labor at 1:30pm and by 12:02 am, Aleena was born.

I was so relieved. I DID IT.

I don’t know who said that once you see your baby you forget all about the pain, but I definitely did NOT forget the pain lol.

But I would absolutely do it over again if I had to.

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